Chilling out in Lake Cochiti, NM

September 13, 2011

Since I have been in this campground for several days just chilling out. I had been driving to the library a few miles away to use their internet. One night I hooked up my computer to listen to some music and speakers, books on audio, etc. that I loaded on my computer and I thought I would see if there is wi fi…. to my surprise there is intermittant wi fi.
So, I thought today since it is too cool to be sitting outside, I would update my blog and say hi.  It’s about 60 degrees this morning and the sun is trying to peek out from the clouds.   I walked down to where there are some showers and bathrooms and used the sink to rinse out some clothes since I had not done laundry since being in Cortez about 10 days ago.  I have periodically rinsed out things to save going to a laundromat which are not always easy to find.  
I didn’t know I would be in this campground for 11 days, but thankfully I have enough food and some canned goods to be able to eat pretty well.  I had a pack of chicken thighs in my tiny freezer, so I cooked it in my toaster oven and made some pasta. I have bread and tortillas and chips which also work well with tuna.  I have some hot dogs and cans of biscuits and some baked beans so that will be dinner tonight and tomorrow.  I did finish my pack of Oreos, so I will have to restock on Friday when I get to Albuquerque and get groceries.  For some unknown reason, Oreos have been my treat and snack on this trip for the last month or so.
I met three ladies in the camper down a few rows and they are from Houston. They all sold their houses and all but one car and they have been traveling since December. They live in their motor home now which is the size of a bus.  I can’t imagine driving that but they say it’s easy.
In Santa Fe I got to see the Loretto Chapel and the spiral staircase that was built without any nails.  It was featured on an Unsolved Mysteries show years ago.  A carpenter just showed up one day at this church and built a spiral staircase to the balcony of this small church in the late 1800s. He didn’t use any glue or nails and shaped the wood using tools and water.  It’s pretty amazing.  I posted photos in my photo album.  There have been so many interesting places I’ve visited. As I meet people we share places we’ve each been and where we are headed. We give each other ideas on places to stop. I’m starting my list for another trip if I can do one next year.  In case you are wondering, I have some good days and some that I still hurt a bit.  I do what I can and take it easy when I need to.  I tend to limit my walks to half mile or less, even in the National Parks, etc.  That’s about all I can do, but it’s something.  Tent Rock National Monument is about 10 miles from here and that was interesting to see the rock formations left by volcanos.  I also posted photos of some of the rock formations. Mesa Verde National Park with the cliff dwellings was really interesting… Hearing about how people lived in 1200 and 1300 in the dwellings with all their challenges and their skills to build the dwellings really gave food for thought.
Golden Spike National Monument was a stopover that someone I met told me I had to go to.  It was off the beaten path a ways, and I thought it would not be interesting but I was wrong…. It was worth the detour. It’s where the western and eastern railroads met in Promotory and it was very interesting. Especially seeing the different railroad ties used by both railroad companies. The west used the crossties made in lumber mills and they were all the same size and shape. The east coast used hand cut ones made by the Later Day Saints and each one was different, they were wider and flater. There were replicas of both engines and also an exhibit hall with storyboards and tools, etc.
I am in a Corps of Engineer campground halfway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I will be here until Friday then I head down to Albuquerque to attend the hot air ballon fiesta the end of the month until Oct 10th.  I am really looking forward to that event, I have wanted to attend it for over 40 years. There is supposed to be about 100,000 people per day The website is There are supposed to be about 500 balloons… I don’t like the crowds, but it will be okay.  I got a dry camp spot RV spot on the grounds near the event so I should be able to walk or take one of the shuttle busses and not have to drive.  There are no electric or water hookups, but I  should be ok and can run the generator if needed.  I am going to volunteer in the balloon discovery center for 4 days, I think it’s 6 hours a day so I will get my campspot for half price which will help my budget.
I’ve met lots of people on my travels and seen many interesting places.  Weather here at the moment is cool at night and nice days.  It seems every evening we have a rainstorm and I can see it coming in from over the mountains.  The lake at this park was opened the other day, there were lots of forest fires in the area and the ash, debris, logs, etc. all washed down into the lake from the mountains and they had to take the stuff out of the lake. It’s piled on the shore at the moment. The other day after the rain, the sun came through the clouds and there was a double full arc rainbow. I posted photos on my website.  There is a small town named Cochiti nearby. They have a small City Hall Building with a library, and the fire station attached to it.  There is also a laundromat, and small convenience store and gas station. A few miles up the road is a golf course.  That’s it in this area.  Everyone drives to Santa Fe or Albuquerque to shop.

There are some hummingbirds here, I see them fly by every now and then. I saw a really tiny one in some flower bushes just buzzing around eating the nectar and as it ate and fluttered around, the petals on the flowers floated to the ground. I don’t think the bird was more than 1 ½ inches long. It was so cute and delicate looking.
I updated my website the other day and since I am here and just taking it easy there isn’t much to write about.  I have met several people in this campground from TX and also FL.  The couple parked next to me for a few days was from Sebring, FL and I met a couple from Orlando.
Have a great day.

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    Thanks for sharing – it sounds fantastic and looks beautiful! I hope you continue to enjoy these United States in all their natural glory.

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