February 2023 WOW!!!

It’s 2023, and time passes quickly. I didn’t realize I had not added another story since November 2022. On the way home from my trip last fall, I went once again to the Native Rhythms Flute Festival in Melbourne, Florida where I get to listen to wonderful music and see my friends who are performers and vendors. It was mostly sunny this weekend for the event. Some years there was lots of rain. We did have some rain but it was not too much.

I hope to upload the pictures and write the story soon. Not much happening here. Mostly baking, reading, and doing daily tasks and talking with friends on the phone or computer.

My hopes are that all of you have a wonderful year filled with abundant blessings, even though sometimes they feel like challenges. We get a chance to be either a victim or hero in our life story. I also invite myself into God’s day where anything is possible. I don’t invite God into my small limited human day. Have had many God stories and unexpected things happening. Some have been fun, and others having me make choices and decisions that have been a bit challenging.

A few days ago I was walking to my car and noticed that someone hit my car and did quite a bit of damage to the front bumper and lights and didn’t leave any information about who they are. So I went to the auto body that repainted my car last year and they repaired it so it looks like new again. I am praying for the person that caused the damage and didn’t let me know by leaving a note or waiting for me.

I am also having dental work done, I have cracks in several teeth so I am having six crowns done on my front top teeth. I believe in being proactive not reactive, even with vehicle maintenance, and other areas of life. It will all work out the way God wants it to.

So many events in life happen and I feel blessed to get to experience them and have these experiences to share with other people and that God keeps showing me how big God is. God has been showing me so many miracles and unexpected things unfolding not only in my life, but also in the lives of people I connect with in many ways.

Today, I baked some bread, pumpkin chocolate chip cake, the Doubletree chocolate chip cookies, and make one of my favorites… chocolate, chocolate chip cheesecake cupcakes. I will give most of it away, but usually I keep the cheesecake cupcakes to myself and freeze them to snack on.

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