November 2022

I arrived back home after a wonderful two month trip visiting friends and exploring many interesting places in Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia. I drove about 3,000 miles on this trip. There are several stories and lots of pictures in previous stories. My last stop was at the Native American Rhythms flute festival which is held the second weekend in November in Melbourne, Florida.

Lots of wonderful entertainment and vendors, many of whom I have made friends with over the years. I will post a photo album and add to this story sometime hopefully soon. I just bought a new computer and I am adapting to using it. It’s the same brand, but for some reason the camera, or settings or something is different and I am trying to get where I like the color, brightness, contrast, etc. to look good, especially when using online meeting platforms. My older computer was working fine and the computer place copied my files onto this new computer. Something happened because my old computer would not boot up this morning and after spending time at the computer store, had to leave it for them to try to resolve and reinstall the operating system I think it is. If it doesn’t work, will have to make decisions as to what next. One step at a time to figure it out. I am not thrilled with the video looks in the online meeting platform but may have to sacrifice something to have this newer technology.

Anyway, since being back home and getting into a routine, I started baking again and have been giving lots of cookies away to places and friends. I am so grateful for so many blessings, friends, and experiences.

I hope to add the pictures of the music festival and story about it soon, is the website if you want to see the event I attended. There are stories on my website from previous years I went to this music festival.

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