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September 14, 2011

A couple from Santa Fe parked in the campspot next to me last night.  We got talking later on and I found out that the lady is scheduled to have surgery on Friday and she is scared and hasn’t had surgery before.  Since I have had lots of them, I was able to share some things I have learned over the years and also about visualizing about God healing me and holding me in the operating room, etc.  This morning I was able to play my Prepare For Surgery Heal Faster meditation for both her and I since I have it loaded on my computer. It was good to do this since I was hurting this morning too.  After the meditation was over I could see that she was more at peace and relaxed.  I also recently found out that two of my friends I know through Native American flutes both are fighting the battle with cancer now.  I have been able to talk with them and also send healing thoughts and prayers their way. 

I have been in touch with friends in Florida and I know that our American Cancer Society Relay For Life committee is starting meetings and gearing up for Relay 2012. I’ll be helping when I get back to Florida.  I want to see cancer eliminated like all of us do.

Sitting in the campground looking at the mountains to the west, I could see the entire mountain range just destroyed by the recent fires.  Looking with binoculars it was so much more obvious than just looking with my eyes.

That’s about it from Lake Cochiti.  Leaving here Friday morning.


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