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August 1, 2016: Due to Google’s change from Picasa Photo Albums to Google Photo there is no link to entire set of my photo albums. There is a link in any story that has a photo album, that link should take you to the albums.

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  1. Loryn Halperin says:

    Hi, Carol. Your Mom, Florence Landau has been coming to my Reiki Healing Circles at the JCC in Boca Raton. She is a very sweet woman and I am glad she is in my class. I am a Reiki Master and she mentionned I should write to you. Your traveling sounds wonderful. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Minnie L. Wallulatum says:

    Hello Carol! I met you in Swinomish at the Canoe Journey while Dinner was being served. Our Family “N”chi Wanapum” (Big River People) was waiting to preform and had just brought all our give away items into the dinner tent. You approached me about our t-shirt. I was very touched by your story and when you asked for a t-shirt I gave the okay for you to receive. Almost 2 months later I finally get to open you wed site and see all the places you have been…..WOW! I am so proud of you for not GIVING up your precious life to your sickness! How you live your life from here on out is totally up to you! Do ALL the things you set you heart to do! Cherish every moment and know that your are a very special person in the Creators eye’s! Thank you for taking the time to talk with me at canoe journey! I did expect to see pictures of your Journey adventure……a bit sad there was none. Unless I’m not knowing how to navigate your web site and fine them. Carol enjoy your days and rest when you needed it! Say a prayer everyday and sing a beautiful song! Love Minnie!

  3. Beth K. says:

    Hi Carol,

    Just read some of your exciting adventures with Ballon Fiesta! Good stuff! She said students would be visiting the complex and her this week… I suggested she ask them to get her on-line so she could see photos of what you’re doing. Hope they can; know Jean will share more of your excitement when she sees all the great pix.

    Happy you’re feeling well and having such a wonderful time… God is good to drunks and ole ladies!

    A.A.lways, Beth K. in Maryland



  5. Nicole jones says:

    Hello Carol my name is Nicole Jones I’m the local waitress at Debbie’s diner in Ludowici Georgia and I just wanted you to know how wonderful it is to know people like you exists you made our police depts year and my chief is still at awww! I pray for u and hope u continue your travels of joy you’re an amazing woman ! Love Nicole

  6. Fire Chief Richard Truman says:

    Hello Carol,
    I am the Fire Chief for Ludowici/Long County I just recieved word from the Ludowici Police Chief of what you were doing and it truly touched my heart! People like you that God sends into our lives are truly amazing, and I want to thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. I will let our department know about you and your travels this coming Tuesday at our meeting/training night. They will be equally amazed and appreciative. You will be in my families thoughts and prayers. And may the rest of your journey here on earth be as peaceful as it possibly can be under the circumstances. I wish that I could have met you while you were here but I wasn’t able to, but I know I will one day. God bless you.

  7. Brenda Loew says:

    Carol, you are an inspiration and i love you. “Enjoy life, live it fully every day. Appreciate everything, even the challenges, they make us stronger and give others the opportunity to help each other and make us more connected and stronger.” You make the World a better place through your Life & your Heart. Shine on forever, girlfriend!
    I am so grateful to have met you, and EVERYONE you have touched is better for it.

  8. Adele Francese says:

    Carol, you truly are amazing…………. We are thinking of you. Enjoy your travels…
    God Bless you…. Adele, Genny, Mel, Chipper, Cassie, Libra, Jazz, Porky, and the rest of the gang. Xxo

  9. Kadia Diarra says:

    Dear Carol
    My name is Kadia from West Africa living in Miami and a single mother of 2. I just saw your story in the News and could not help not to write you. We all have a call of duty in life and yours has been the most inspiring, fulfilling and spectacular one because of how you rerouted your sickness to touch thousands of people around the World. Please remember this. God, The great Lord never give us something he knows we can’t handle or that he will not be on your side to handle it. You are a blessing not only for your family and also for thousands of complete strangers as myself who love you as well.
    Thank you for all you do. Live your life as you have been doing.
    God bless you.

  10. Sandy Rush says:

    I just read your article and looked at all the photos regarding the Georgia firemen. I know you had to be so surprised about them making the trip to meet you. What the J.B. restaurant did for you and the rest of the group was amazing. It just goes to show – there are good people in this world, like the J.B. manager and like you!

  11. Dan Droege, Chairman of 2015-2016 Great Texas Balloon Race says:

    We enjoyed having you at our 38th Annual Great Texas Balloon Race and the 49th Annual U.S. National Hot Air Balloon Championship in Longview, Texas. Hope you come back again and volunteer for the pilots! Take care of yourself and enjoy the next Balloon Race that the winds take you to!
    Warm regards,
    Dan Droege
    2015-2016 Chairman
    Great Texas Balloon Race

  12. Ronnie Golat says:

    Hello Carol (Cricket!)

    I am always reading about you and the outstanding things that you do. I think of you often, and when I do, I search for It warms my heart to know that I have had the opportunity to know you and call you a true friend.

    Our birthdays are fast approaching. Let me be the first to send you wishes from Texas! 71! Holy Cow!!

    I will be retiring from my my position 12/31/2021, after 40 years! can you believe it?

    I have made the trip to Alaska and I may go again.

    If you traveling and make this far west stop in and say hello!

    Carol, life is good! But knowing you has made it all the better!

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