Relay For Life Quilt Dedication

In a previous story, I wrote about a quilt I made in 2009 from American Cancer Society (ACS) Relay For Life t-shirts. The quilt hung on the back of the stage during our 2009 Relay For Life event. The plan was to auction off the quilt as a fundraiser. Because the bids were not very high, we decided to keep it for a while and decide what to do with the quilt. A few of us on the RFL Committee discussed our options and decided that the best one was to donate it to the Fort Lauderdale ACS Office where it would be hung on the wall in their hallway, and once a year be displayed at the Deerfield Beach/Lighthouse Point Relay For Life event.


On Monday, July 22nd, while I was at Arnold’s Wildlife Center, one of the RFL Committee members called me and said that ACS wants to do a quilt dedication with me. I told them they could just hang the quilt, but, they insisted that I be present, so I came back on Tuesday in order to be back for the Wednesday quilt dedication ceremony.



The ACS staff, and Nona and Gordon, had a plaque made with my name on it to hang next to the quilt. My mom Florence, my friend Pam, and I, joined with Nona, Gordon, and the entire ACS staff as the quilt was hung on the wall. We talked about the number of months it took to make it, I think it was about 4 or 5 months, and lots of work. It was not easy to hand stitch through the rubberized printing on the front of the t-shirts. It was a labor of love. I know it is proudly displayed and admired, it has a great home where it will be seen by many cancer survivors, and others. Photos of dedication.



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