Relaxing at the Beach

It’s been a wonderful, relaxing, 3 days at the beach. The Elizabeth House Inn is a great place to stay, and walking to the beach only takes a couple of minutes.

I checked in on Wednesday afternoon, and of course I brought some food to eat and snack on.  Wednesday about 6 p.m. a group of my Relay for Life friends, my mom, and I all met at the beach and had a picnic, it was great fun and the weather was absolutely perfect.  We are all so blessed to have each other as friends, and we share a common bond in our efforts to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. We asked someone walking past us to take a group picture, one of them came out a bit blurry.  I am posting the pictures in an album.


On Thursday morning I actually put my bathing suit on for the first time in probably 10 years. Even though I leave about 5 miles from the ocean, I very rarely go to it. When I first moved to Florida I thought I would go often, but that didn’t happen. When I worked, I didn’t go after work, and on weekends it was always too crowded, and I didn’t want to get in the traffic jams. Staying within walking distance was nice.  Anyway, Thursday morning the water was absolutely calm, and crystal clear. Water temperature was about 70 degrees, or maybe a little less, it felt cool and refreshing.  Then I sat in my chair and read a book for a few hours. My mom came down about noon and we went and ate lunch at one of the nearby restaurants. At night in my room, I finished reading my book.


Friday morning, I went back to the beach. I’m glad I didn’t wear my bathing suit today, the water was rough, there were even waves with white caps.  I’m constantly amazed how the ocean, this vast body of water, can be calm like a lake one day and turbulent the next day. Sometimes, it changes in the same day. So, today I sat under a palm tree and read, and as the Goodyear blimp flew by I looked up and watched it.  In case you have never seen or heard a blimp, it is not a quiet spacecraft floating through the sky. It does make noise sort of like a loud engine. Mom came to the beach again and I took her to lunch.  I also brought bread and crackers to feed the birds while I sat watching the ocean and reading.


Having a motel room with a regular size bed, shower, kitchen, etc. has been a nice treat. I’ve been living in my camper van for so long and sleeping on my bed which is 6′ long and about 25″ wide.  Several of my friends have offered to let me stay with them, both here in Florida, and also when I travel. I’ve found that even though the camper has limited space, that it feels cozy and comfortable to me. Everything I need is close at hand. When I stay somewhere other than my camper I have to pack what I think I will need, then I have to unpack it when I get back into the camper. Since I don’t always sleep through the night, staying in my camper is really convenient. I can read, toss and turn, etc. without having to be concerned with waking anyone else up.

After I check out of the room on Saturday morning, I will go sit at the beach for a while. My mom is coming and I’m sure that we will go eat at one of the restaurants at the beach where we can sit outside and look at the ocean while we eat. My mom really enjoys that.  I’m able to update my website tonight since this inn has wifi. I’m looking out at the sky as I’m typing and I notice the sky is grey. I’m hoping that it will pass over and that tomorrow will be a nice clear day so we can sit under the palm trees again and just relax watching the ocean, no telling what it will look like, calm or choppy. After lunch, I will return to my campground and my cozy camper.

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