Puzzle and Link stories… and answers… did you guess correctly? Also, Albert Gray Eagle, Shel Silverstein, Carol Burnett Show, Oldtime Comedians, TED TV

I’m finally getting around to writing the stories for these pictures and links… you may have noticed that I rearranged the way the pictures are arranged. It seems to fit into my stories better this way. Did you figure out the story about the puzzles and links below? I had them posted for over a week for you to guess what I would write. I’m now writing the answers further down in the story.

In one of my previous stories about jigsaw puzzles, I wrote about Lori Schory who is an artist that designs puzzles. She has written back to me through email and we have corresponded many times. Watch for a new puzzle Lori created with several peacocks… it’s absolutely beautiful. I got to see a preview of it and that’s all I can share with you. A few of my friends that traveled like I did and I all gave Lori permission to use our pictures in her puzzles. Usually, she uses bits and pieces of photos to create her beautiful puzzles. Lori forwarded my story about the Suns Out Puzzles and how much I love their special shapes to Diane the owner of the puzzle company. Lori said that Diane was glad I love her company’s puzzles and she likes the story I wrote about them. Diane asked for my address and sent me 3 puzzles. One with 300 pieces, one with 750 pieces, and another with 1,000 pieces. I thought that was really nice of Diane.

I worked on the 300 piece puzzle of the hummingbirds one night sitting in bed. It took me 3 hours to complete it. Since there were not many pieces, I looked at the picture of the puzzle and then tried to do the puzzle from memory. It was pretty easy to do it that way. I only looked at the picture on the box 2 or 3 times while completing the puzzle. I like to challenge myself that way every now and then. The hourglass and parrot puzzle will keep us busy. The top portion of the hourglass puzzle has various breeds of birds, the bottom portion has lots of colorful butterflies. I’m guessing Pam and whoever else comes to work on them with me will enjoy the challenge and fun of assembling them. I still have the Hummingbird Reflection puzzle on my list as the next puzzle to do. It has about 600 pieces. I thought all of the puzzle pieces are very interesting in shape, size, and color, so I added pictures of them below for you to see.




Butterflies and Hummingbirds puzzle pieces











In a few of the pictures you will see a coin, it’s a quarter in case you didn’t guess. I did this so that you can see the size of the puzzle pieces. Most of the pieces are larger than a quarter. Some are the size of 2 or 3 quarters… that was pretty interesting. I had no idea when looking for a piece of the puzzle what size or shape it would be. That added an element of fun and interest to the puzzle that isn’t there when all the pieces are the same size, and even the same shape as you will see further down in this story. If you click on the pictures to enlarge them you will see the pieces and pictures in more detail. It doesn’t show very well in the hummingbird puzzle, but there are a couple of pieces in the top right side of the puzzle that I had to search out in the box after I put all the edge pieces together. I was missing about 5 edge pieces. I found 3 pretty easy. The other 2 took a while longer. They were not only an edge piece, but it was an edge that included one piece in and one over. It was a L shape piece. See photo below, if you were sorting the edge pieces would you have thought it was an edge piece? The other one was similar, look in the yellow flower under the dragonfly’s body.





Hummingbird Reflections puzzle pieces







My friend Dale came to visit recently and I gave him one of my completed puzzles to take home with him. He sent this picture of his cat BB who wanted to help him work on the puzzle. Dale sent me this picture of a new puzzle that he and his girlfriend are going to work on. He said it’s 2,000 pieces. It should be challenging and fun.

cat on puzzleballoon puzz







Look closely at this puzzle… click on it to enlarge, it might help you to figure out what will be written.







Okay, here is the story on the above puzzle. In the center of the puzzle on the right, you will see a quarter just under Norman Rockwell’s right elbow. This shows the size of the puzzle pieces which are just a tad smaller than a quarter. The other unusual thing about this puzzle, which Pam noticed when we were almost finished with it, is that all of the puzzle pieces are the same shape. They alternate direction, but the shape is the same. If you click on the puzzle to enlarge it you can see the pieces. It’s interesting in a few ways, one is that it took us almost the entire 1,000 piece puzzle to realize the pieces were the same shape. We were so busy focusing on finding the pieces for the mini puzzles we were working on within the puzzle that we evidently didn’t notice the shape. The other thing to realize that we don’t think we did any other puzzles where the pieces were all the same shape. This was a fun puzzle to work on.

Now for the stories on the links I posted.

My friend Albert Gray Eagle, who you have read about in previous stories, has a huge heart. He recommended his neighbor Trish to a local media station for their Pay It 4Ward – Love Thy Neighbor Recognition, because she helps an elderly neighbor who is a widowed veteran. Here is the story the television station did on Trish, Albert is interviewed in the story. Albert Gray Eagle and Trish

You may have read how I’ve been watching Carol Burnett DVDs that a friend sent. Someone sent me this link to skit the cast did that is absolutely hilarious. I think it was on Dick Clark’s list of funniest bloopers for a long time. Listen closely at the end and you will know why. Carol Burnett and Tim Conway elephant routine, it has had over 6,000,000 views. After watching the previous link, watch this one.

As I was reading the biography of Shel Silverstein, I wanted to know more about him and hear his voice so I did a search on Utube and I found several videos, including this one. I thought you might enjoy it. Until reading the biography, I didn’t realize that Shel wrote this song. Shel Silverstein and Johnny Cash, A Boy Named Sue

Another one of my friends loves watching videos on TED. He says there are all types of interesting stories on a variety of subjects. This is one of the favorite links he sent me. It’s absolutely amazing how nature works. David Gallo, TED, Underwater Astonishments.

Every now and then I like to search for videos on Utube that I think will make me laugh. I like some of the old time comedians that I watched when I was younger like Red Skelton, Danny Kaye, Charlie Callis, Moms Mabley, Dom Deloise, Flip Wilson, Foster Brooks, the Smothers Brothers, Totie Fields, Phyllis Diller, and others in that generation. The Dean Martin Roasts were always great for some laughs. There are too many to include as links, you can search for some yourself. I found this video that you may enjoy. Danny Kaye and Gene Kelly.

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