Health Update and Reason for Story Delay

Hi, I have not been feeling that great for about the past week, so I haven’t written my story about the puzzles and links. This will give you an opportunity to have more time to keep guessing what I will write about them. Update: On February 8th, I wrote the story on the puzzles and links, the story is now above this one.

I’ve been working with Hospice to get my pain and severe headaches under control. We seem to have figured out the type and dose of pain medicine to keep my abdominal pain under control. It took some modifications and trying different medicines and doses the past few weeks. The headaches and queasiness still have been issues. I think we have pretty much figured out a solution to queasiness. However, the migrane type headaches are still a bit of a challenge. My blood pressure has been a bit high too. I saw Dr. Borrows last week and she confirmed the tumor is still growing, and it is putting more pressure on my nerves on my left side, so that’s why my leg and foot is more numb than it has been. Also, my abdomen and chest area is more firm, so my organs are still pressing against each other. Dr. Borrows says that the higher blood pressure and headaches can be caused by the pain or the medicines. We don’t have any idea. It’s probably a combination of several factors.  Our goal is to manage my symptoms and have them at a level that gives me a good quality of life. I still make myself get out almost every day. I do errands, go grocery shopping, and get together with friends for lunch. Afternoon and/or early evening naps are becoming necessary. I’m guessing the medicine is making me tired.

I actually had 2 days that I felt almost normal with no pain, and only a little headache. What a HUGE blessing that was. I thought that perhaps we the correct medicines for all the symptoms, guess not if I’m still getting these really intense headaches. I was hopeful. We will keep trying various things… something has to work. When I get these intense headaches, it’s tough to think, talk on the phone, or want to write stories for my website. I hope you understand.

I had some issues with a few of my Hospice contacts, so I went to my doctors office and told them and they got in touch with their Hospice representative and I received a call from another Hospice supervisor. They changed one of the Hospice contacts and things seem to be working out better. I will write more about Hospice and some things you can be aware of if you or anyone you know needs Hospice care.

Thank you to everyone who is sending me emails, cards, and posting comments on my website. I read every one of them. Your kind words touch deeply in my heart. Thank you for brightening my life.

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  1. Cathy Jackson says:

    Hi Carol, I gave your address to the lady (Debbie Callicutt) in our area who runs a no-kill animal shelter at her house. She has a few donations and a semi-annual yard sale to fund things, but much of it is done by Debbie alone. I hope you hear from her soon and can help her. I still have to find out more about the Women’s Shelter, but I will let you know as soon as I can. Oh, the name of the animal shelter is Safe Hollow; she does have a Facebook site. Hope you are having another (almost) pain-free day, and the meds work as they should. You’ve already proved that little is stronger than the human spirit. May God bless you with the peace that passes all understanding. In my prayers, Cathy J.

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