Picasa Photo Albums now Google Photos…. Help!!!

Since 2011 I have been using Picasa to create the photo albums for my website. Now Google decided to retire Picasa and use Google Photos. They said they transferred all photos from Picasa to Google Photos and it seems they have, but Picasa is not as easy to use and it had more features it seems then Google Photos.

So, this means that under my Photo Gallery Tab where there was a link to all approximately 150 of my photo albums, this is no longer possible. In Picasa, I was able to select an option to make an album public for anyone, for only me, or only for someone I gave a link to. Google Photos doesn’t have the option to make it public unless a link is provided. In my posts from this point forward, I will include a link to a photo album for the story if I created an album because I had enough photos for an album, like for the Balloon Fiesta or a wildlife care center, etc. If the only pictures are the ones in my story, there will not be an album.

I clicked on links in some of my recent stories and some of them go directly to the album referenced in the post, and others go to a page where all albums are shown, then we have to scroll through the albums to find the one referenced in the post. I guess that has to do with whatever link I used for the story. I think there are a few stories I wrote that perhaps related to an event like Balloon Fiesta, or Arnold’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center where I had several photo albums, so I used the link to the entire set of albums vs. a specific album. I really don’t know why it does that, it was just a guess. So, you may click on a link and get either of those two options, either a single album, or all of them.

When I began writing stories on this website, I didn’t know how to create a link from a story I wrote to a photo album until I think it was 2013, so in my posts from 2011 through mid-2013 there are not links to albums, which I wish I realized back then that it was possible. So now, as time permits and as I have wifi access, I will go back to those early stories and put in a link to the album. This is going to be very time consuming because in 2011 and 2012 is when I took my longest trips and saw the most places and I traveled the most distances from south Florida to northern Washington and many states and National Parks along the way. I hope to someday complete that task. I will miss being able to go to the Photo Gallery Tab and click on it to look at all of the albums, every now and then I liked to look at the pictures and it was easy for me when I met people that were traveling to a part of the country that I had been in to go to my albums and look at the pictures of that area or place. Now, I can’t do that.

If anyone reading this post knows anything about Picasa and Google Photos, please contact me if you have any information or suggestions on what I can do to make this transition smoother. I think there are many other Picasa users who are not happy with this change that Google has made.

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  1. Maggie Bossett says:

    My goodness Carol, I have had some catching up to do. Actually , I could never catch up to you!!! I wish I had your determination, stamina and energy. It is wonderful reading about the past weeks and months as you are off again on an adventure! I have been busy this summer too, but I envy the way you keep busy. Making soap sounds like so much fun. I am so glad you have been feeling well and the pain is less and controlled . And!!! that the main tumor has gotten smaller. Fabulous. We did get to Solberg for the comparatively small balloon festival here in New Jersey – thank you for the heads up. Our grandson, Daniel, really enjoyed it and loved taking photos like you do. There really is nothing quite like the beauty and peace of an air balloon. Thinking of you and wishing you continued strength and happiness as you confront each day with joyful anticipation. Thank you for sharing the every day things and the spectacular things, which are the things that make a life. Be blessed. Maggie

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