Homestead Heritage, Waco, Texas

After saying goodbye to Sue and Mark on Saturday morning, I headed south to Waco to visit my friends in Homestead Heritage and to park in the Yarden’s front yard which is my usual place to stay when in Waco. I love this family and the people in this community. It’s like I am part of their family because I have known them for so many years.

I fill my time visiting with different families and like in previous years, I help out at the Cheese Shop, Gristmill, Bakery, and wherever else my assistance is needed. This year I also volunteered to crochet some baby blankets for them to sell at the Thanksgiving Fair. Sue in the Fibercraft Shop gave me the softest yarn to use. It is 70% baby Alpaca and 30% Bamboo. I really enjoyed crocheting with it. I don’t remember ever using yarn this soft. I know that whoever buys this blanket will wrap their child in the softest, most cuddly blanket. I have been blessed to be able to make several baby blankets using soft alpaca yarn.

In the mornings I walk to the Bakery, it’s about a mile, then in the afternoon I walk back to my camper so I get at least a 2 mile walk every day. Walking gives me the opportunity to observe nature and take pictures as I walk. I love looking at the Century plant. It puts up a very tall spike which reminds me of an asparagus spear, and I also get to look at the beautiful gardens surrounding the numerous buildings here.

I created an album of pictures I have taken on this trip, there are many new buildings and things to see here this year that are different from previous years. I also took pictures of the process we used for making the marinated feta cheese at the Cheese Shop.

Since my visit here last year, there have been several changes. The new Brazos Valley Cheese Shop is completed and they are working in it now. I got to work there last Wednesday, and I will do so again this Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Bakery is making some new items and I was able to sample these delicious breads and treats. The Aquaponics greenhouse is now finished and the fish that are in the tank are plentiful and seem happy swimming in their new home. There are lots of new gardens with plants that I can’t identify but I know they have a purpose and are used for food. The Grocery store has lots of interesting food products and fresh grown produce. The lady that does the writing for the various categories has beautiful handwriting.

The pears have been picked from the Yarden’s trees and I will peel and cut them and put them in the dehydrator. I also help harvest ripe vegetables from the garden and it’s early in the year so I don’t have pecans to collect yet, that happens in October and November.

After I leave Waco, I will head towards Albuquerque, I still have not decided which route to take. It might be the same one as last year, then again as I travel I might see another route to take so that I see different scenery. I pray that the remainder of my trip is incident free from repairs. While in Waco, the friends that I am staying at have a mechanic maintenance shop and they will change the oil in my camper van and check it over to make sure they do not see anything that needs attention. They always do that for me while I am here. I have learned over the years, and also on this trip, that even though everything checks out okay, that things happen, parts stop working, and things that worked fine suddenly don’t. Every year that I can remember since I retired in 2011, there is something that happens or needs to be repaired. Thankfully, I have always been in a location where it can be fixed, and most importantly, where I am safe while that happens.

I know that God is taking excellent care of me. I continue to pray and ask God for direction of what I am supposed to be doing with this extra time I have been given. Am I doing what God wants me to do, am I where I am supposed to be? Asking for direction and guidance is one thing, and the easier thing to do. What is more difficult is listening for the answer and taking that direction. Sometimes it is what I want and other times God has other plans for me and what I should be doing. For example, when my transmission went out in Mississippi a few weeks ago and I was in Mississippi for a week when my plan was to be in Longview, Texas, at a hot air balloon event. That still worked out well as you can read in the story about my transmission in a previous post.


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  1. Maggie Bossett says:

    Catching Up with you Carol is not easy. Keeping up with you is nigh on impossible!
    Another year, another adventure. Another gift from God. He is smiling as you enjoy his creations to the fullest. the photos of Homestead Heritage are just wonderful. What a beautiful place. What a blessed opportunity to help with cheeses, baking, and fruits.
    My prayer is a safe and happy trip to Albuquerque. May Molly be problem free. Another magnificent balloon festival…heavenly!!!
    Sending love,
    (Summer has passed quickly with our granddaughter having retinoblastoma and trips to Ct., but we are moving in a positive direction. As you well know, we trust in His Plan. God Bless Us Every One.

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