Albuquerque Balloon Museum

Once again I am in Albuquerque and on Sundays the Balloon Museum is open and there is no admission charge on Sunday’s from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Last year I could tell that the museum was changing exhibits and that there would be some new ones this year. If you want to see the stories and photos from my previous museum visits you can search on my website, I think there are two other stories I posted with pictures.

There are several new exhibits such as the Arctic and North Pole expeditions, weather information, and several other exhibits. I did miss seeing some that were removed to make room for the new exhibits. Many of the new exhibits have interactive computer games and informational screens that visitors can use to either play games or learn about the background of the exhibit.

I took lots of pictures of the storyboards in several exhibits, I hope you can read them. The Arctic and North Pole exhibits are really interesting. I can’t imagine flying and living in the conditions they did. And some of the people died and the bodies weren’t found for several decades. To see more pictures and read about this and other expeditions explore my photo album.

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