Great website of interviews with famous comedians… Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

In previous posts you may have noticed that I like to watch Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. Since he is no longer going to be the host of the Tonight Show, I did a search to see what other websites might have him featured or perhaps interviews, monologues, etc.

One of the newest great to watch websites I just found is called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I watched a few of the videos on the website, including the one with Jay Leno. In each episode, Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is driving a different one of his personal antique cars from his car collection. He makes a phone call to a famous comedian and invites them to have coffee. Jerry goes to pick up the person and they informally talk in the car driving to where they are going to have coffee or a meal, and then they continue the conversation sitting in a coffee shop or other location. It not really an interview, it’s friends talking. The clips are each approximately 10 to 15 minutes long.

Watching these video clips is like being with friends while they tell stories about their lives, funny experiences they had, and friendships they formed over the years. There is a video with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. They have been friends for about 60 years and have dinner together I think it’s once a week, always at Carl Reiner’s house. Part of this interview is at Carl’s house and Mel tells the story about how the movie Blazing Saddles came to be. Jerry picked up Seth Meyers in a car that was built in the same year that Seth was born.

It’s great to see a personal side to these comedians and hear the stories about their early careers and their life now. It’s also interesting to see all of the details of the old vehicles.

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  1. That sounds like a fun website to check out! Just wanted to let you know that the Clerks asked how you were doing at the BCMCA meeting on Feb. 10th and I said you were still writing and that I check in to see your interesting commentary. Everyone sends their best regards!! 🙂

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