Musician/Composer Kevin Kern – One of my favorite musicians

If you have been reading my posts, you probably have read about a musician named Kevin Kern. I find Kevin’s music very soothing and relaxing. Kevin is an extremely talented and gifted musician who has a kind heart and a gentle and giving spirit. I can tell this by listening to his music, and also by reading the monthly newsletters he sends by email to those of us who sign up to receive them.

I frequently listen to his music because it helps me to relax and it’s also nice as background music when I read. I was babysitting my mom’s canary Mario for 4 days this past weekend. I played Kevin’s CDs and the canary sang to some of the songs.

I had the blessing of speaking to Kevin in person on July 4, 2013. I sent an email to the contact on his website explaining how much his music has meant to me over the years, and also especially now because of what I’m experiencing. I thought that my email would go to a publicist. I was really surprised when a few hours after I sent my message that I actually received a phone call from Kevin himself. Wow!!! How special was that!!! Now you understand more about what a special and caring man he is. How many well known people would actually make time to personally call someone that posted a comment on their website. Every now and then I receive an email from Kevin and his wife Pam to let me know I am in their thoughts and prayers. See… I told you he is special. As busy as his life is, he makes time to let me know I am thought about. I know many of you do too.  It means so much to me.

If you read my July 8, 2013 story about my time with the Georgia Firefighters, partway down in the story you will read how Kevin Kern fits into my life on this extraordinary special day. I am copying an excerpt of my July 8th post below, regarding what I wrote about Kevin, in case you don’t go to the entire story to see how this was a special finishing touch to my time with the firefighters.

“… So, I get home from this incredible day, very emotional as it was, and I find a box by my front door. When I get inside I open the box and it’s 9 CDs from a musician/composer that I have listened to for over 13 years named Kevin Kern. His piano music has always been so comforting to me, it is so peaceful and relaxing. On July 4th I decided that since Kevin’s music has been such a calming influence on me and it’s effect is immediate, that as I am transitioning that its the only music I want played for me. I went on on July 4th and sent a message on his Contact button, thinking that it would go to a PR person and I wasn’t sure if the message would get to him. I wrote how much Kevin’s music has meant to me over the years, what I am going through now, and about how that’s what I want to listen to as time is now passing. Big Surprise… within a couple of hours my phone rang and it was actually Kevin Kern himself. He got my message and he called me to tell me how much it meant to him and how humble he felt by it. He said they don’t usually get to know how much their music touches others. He said he would send me some of his CDs on Tuesday. Here it was Monday, and I opened the box to find 9 autographed CDs. I cried some more happy tears. Looking at my helmet, listening to Kevin’s music… I was just so emotional, I can’t even find the correct words to describe it.”

Please go to Kevin Kern’s website,, and read about this remarkable man and what he’s accomplished. Despite the fact that he has been legally blind since birth, Kevin has developed his listening skills and he has become an extremely exceptional talented musician and performer, and a special person.  I wish I could have met him in person to hear one of his concerts and thank him in person for all his music has meant to me for so many years. I did get to tell him on the phone, so I guess that’s sort of in person. Watching the links Kevin sent in his February 2014 Newsletter provides me with the opportunity to watch him perform and lets me feel like I am sitting in the room while he and his friends play the piano. If you listen to some of the videos, you will notice a few recognizable songs that get included for a few seconds. It gave me several chuckles and smiles. I noticed that Kevin also smiled in a few places while he played.

I also liked watching the video where Kevin speaks about one of his mentors George Shearing. Once again, it lets me know how important it is for all of us to share our stories with others, and for us all to be a mentor to others. When we share our story and life with someone else, we give hope and inspiration to them and those they share their lives with. We might never know the impact it will have on another life. No matter what we go through, deal with, and experience… we can share it with someone else. Pass on what we learned. What worked and what didn’t. It might help someone else. I think that’s why now in many of my stories I am sharing more personal information and details of what’s happening in my life. I hope that perhaps something I’ve shared will help someone.

In part, here is what Kevin included in his February Newsletter:

“Last month, I had the chance to visit the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) annual show in Anaheim, CA.  Pam lovingly refers to it as the “toy store of all toy stores for musicians” and she couldn’t be more right. I found some great new gear for my studio that has already been “instrumental” in stimulating my creative process.
The NAMM Show is also where I get to meet up and play with good friends, both old and new.  It truly is one big jam session for all of us.  My good friend, Robbie Gennet, from Keyboard Magazine captured some wonderful impromptu videos of those magical moments at the piano.  Among the highlights for me was some jamming I did with my dear friend, and “brother from another mother”, Kenneth Crouch (Twitter: @MrKennethCrouch). We got together to play some improvised and unrehearsed  jazz standards, some of which you can view below on YouTube. I also had the pleasure of being introduced to Charles Jones (Twitter: @cjmuzik). Charles is an extraordinary singer and pianist in the Gospel tradition.  Hearing him perform was a transformative experience for everyone in the room, including me.
I also performed my first concert of the year with fellow Whisperings Solo Piano Radio Artist, Amy Janelle.  It was a fun show and a wonderful audience.  It’s always nice to meet my fans.  So thank you to all of you who made the journey to see us play.
The trip ended with the Whisperings Solo Piano Radio Concert and Awards Show. It was a wonderful evening filled with music and laughter.  Congratulations to my fellow Whisperings Artist, Michele McLaughlin for winning Album of the Year!
Enjoy the videos and please do share them with your friends.”
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