Grand Teton National Park

I arrived in Grand Teton today, June 29, 2011.  The one word I can think of to describe it is MAJESTIC.  The mountains are so magnificent, and still covered with snow. It’s very different here than Yellowstone. The roads are also much easier to drive, not so narrow, steep, or winding.

Photos of Grand Teton National Park

Upon entering the park after a short distance there was an electronic sign that said Drive Slow bear and cubs on road next 9 miles. I drove that route twice today during my travels, did not see them.  However, on a different stretch of road vehicles were stopped on the road looking like a log jam. The reason, 2 bears off the road down the side of the hill.  I was able to take a photo when I made it through the section of road as it began to be cleared a little.

Bear in Grand Teton on side of road  

I drove the loop which went all around the park and it was a beautiful drive. I saw more herds of buffalo, they are plentiful here too.  I didn’t take any more photos since I took alot of them at Yellowstone.
I saw a heard of elk today, they were pretty far away and I took a picture but doubt anyone could tell what was in the photo.
I stopped at South Jenny Falls and took a boat ride across the lake to Hidden Falls where I walked up about half mile to the top of the falls. As I walked up the path of dirt and rocks, the temperatures changed from warm to cool depending on the terrain. The force of the water coming down the falls and stream below was too much to describe.  The ride over on the boat was pretty nice, it was about 5 minutes or so long. The trip back was a different story. We headed into headwinds on the lake of 40 mph and there were lots of whitecaps and waves. It felt like we were on a white water raft trip.  It really was fun, despite getting wet from the spray.

The campground I am in tonight has electric and water hookups, this will be the first time since leaving Florida last Monday, I will be hooked up so I will charge my laptop tonight and try to upload photos tomorrow.

Buffalo walking in road

I did tell myself yesterday that I wasn’t going to take any more buffalo photos, but I changed my mind this morning as I was leaving Yellowstone about 8:30 this morning, I was the only car on the road and 3 buffalo were walking along the road in the lane coming towards me. It was pretty awesome.
I drove the rest of the loop back to my campground and found this cafeteria that has wi-fi.  The battery on my laptop is about finished now, so I will end this story here.
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