Canoe Journey Paddle to Squaxin 2012

What an amazing experience it was being at another canoe journey. There were about 51 tribes and 98 canoes.

I just uploaded a photo album with the pictures I took of the canoes landing in Olympia on July 29, 2012, and also pictures of the newly constructed veterans park and water pond with water falls surrounding the tribal buildings.

I met so many new people and heard wonderful stories. I also got to see some people and volunteers I met last year at the canoe journey in Swinomish. I had a great time volunteering, I did several things so my time there was definately not boring!!!

The weather was really nice, cool in the evenings in the 50s, and most days in the mid 70s, but there were 2 days where it got to 100 degrees. It was really hot in the protocol tents. I could tell how hard the tribes practiced their dances and songs. The energy and care they put into their performances was exceptional.

We also ate really well all week, and I even got to eat things I had never tried before. I liked the unusual foods as well as ones I am familiar with.

It was a long flight back to Florida. Now, I get to do laundry and get ready to leave for my next driving trip which should be within a week.


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  1. Brenda Hitchins says:

    Great to meet you and love my dream catcher. Not sure where to put it right now, but thinking by my bed. Took all day yesterday to rest and work out all the sore muscles. I too had lots of laundry. It was an amazing trip enjoyed a lot of what I was able to see.
    Stay in touch

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