On the road again… and another repair

I left Florida on Saturday morning and got as far as Tallahassee before stopping for the night. I realized when using the water that something is not working right. I think the water pump is bad so I drove into Alabama to Camping World and am spending the day and night here so it can be checked and repaired or replaced tomorrow when they open.

It is really hot here and I am having the same issue with the AC in the camper, the compressor kicks off after 15 minutes and has to cool down about that long before I can use it again. This is not good, it is about 95 degrees in the camper. I am going to see how to get this resolved, if possible. I have a feeling I will need to get a roof mount unit and not sure it will have heat capabilities. I currently have a heat pump window type unit the camper came with which is not working right and I am not sure it can be fixed. Chris in Waco worked on it earlier this year and we thought it was ok. Guess I will see how it goes and get it resolved. I might have to use a space heater when it gets cold if I can’t get a unit with AC and heat.

I am driving towards Texas and might be stopping to explore or camp along the way.

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