Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, October 2018

It’s that time of the year for Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I miss being there this year. I was there every year since 2011 except for 2013. And I know there’s a reason I wasn’t there God has revealed it to me and I’m okay with it but I still miss being there and seeing my friends and the balloons.

Thankfully Balloon Fiesta website has a live video available to watch on their website and I’ve been watching it periodically and taking pictures of the screen. There’s some lot of new special shape balloons and I’ve taken pictures of some of the ones they’ve shown and I’ll post those pictures that I’ve taken using my camera on the computer screen.

It was interesting watching it live on their website. This year, Drones were used during the event which provided some really great photos. In addition, while I was watching the balloon event periodically, I would see someone I know being interviewed, or a balloon pilot I know inflating or flying. So, I took pictures of the screen and texted it to them and they responded and thanked me for the pictures.

Here is an album of the pictures I took of the screen. It seems this year there were several of the sessions that were cancelled due to the high winds and weather conditions. Maybe next year I can be there in person. If not, I am not supposed to be there.

There were lots of new special shaped balloons this year, and several that are from previous years. Considering all of my photos were taken of my tablet screen, I think most of them came out pretty good.

During a portion of a few sessions there were skydivers jumping from planes. I was fascinated by the number of hours and the experience that was needed by each team member to be a part of the team that performs these skydiving exhibitions.

Watching the event online gave me a perspective that I didn’t have watching from the field when I was there. Between the drones (Colibri Cam) taking photos and the camera closeup pictures I was able to see the pilots competition close enough to see them dropping their rings and beanbags on the targets and I took pictures of that as well.  When I am at Fiesta I average taking about 3,000 pictures a year during the ten day event. This year taking photos of the screen and even with the cancelled sessions I took about 500 pictures.

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