Hurricane Irma in Florida, I am in Albuquerque, New Mexico, update after Irma

I arrived safely in Albuquerque on August 25th.There’s a hurricane in South Florida which is looks like it’s going to hit where I live or where my apartment is I should say. In some respects I’m glad I’m not there, but, I wish I were in case something needs to be done in my apartment especially after the storm passes through.

I am extremely grateful to my friend Nona who went with her grandsons and put shutters up on my apartment and tried to secure it the best they could. They also took my important documents to keep them safe and moved my car to where we hope it will be safe as well. This is a very large and powerful hurricane. I was in Florida several years ago when we got the direct hit from Hurricane Wilma. It was very destructive and this storm is supposed to be more powerful and higher winds, etc.

I’m hoping and praying that my car does not get damaged in the rain and that everybody stays safe and there’s minimal property damage but from the size of the storm that may not be possible.

I will have to wait and find out after the storm passes what if any damage there is to my apartment and car, then decide if I need to try to get back to Florida or stay where I am. I am praying that things will be as we all left them and that the damage to everyone in Irma’s path is minimal. I know that there is a mandatory evacuation for the area where I live and I know some of my friends and neighbors have chosen to stay in their homes. I pray that they are safe.

In addition to sending prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey we’re praying that Hurricane Irma doesn’t do much serious damage to Florida or anyone else in her path along the way.

Since my mom passed away a few months ago, I have been giving thought to whether or not I want to continue to live in south Florida or move elsewhere. I have been giving thought to buying a larger camper and living in it full time, doing more volunteer work around the country like other RVer’s I know have been doing. What should I give away or keep of my possessions, etc. I like having an apartment so I can cook, shower, have a regular size bed, etc. However, I have also learned how little I really need to live and be comfortable. A few months before I left I bought a new set of cookware that I really love to use.

I have been praying for God to let me know what I am to do, what God’s will is for me with regard to my future plans and what I should be doing. Perhaps this is God’s answer to me. I would like to believe that it would have been a more subtle and less dramatic answer, but sometimes I need to be made aware in a large way. Either way, I am currently safe, even though my heart is with my friends in Florida and the path of Irma, and my stomach has a bit of a knot in it for the unknown which none of us have control over other than prayer.

It could be that whatever I have with me is all that I have left of my “things.” I know it’s just “stuff” although some of the items can be replaced, other items cannot. Before I left home I had this thought that said to get apartment insurance. At first when I moved there I wasn’t expected to live much longer so I didn’t and then like others since we thankfully did not get any hurricanes for many years didn’t think about insurance again. But for some reason, maybe a premonition, I had a thought to get apartment renters insurance before I left so I did and the 30 day waiting period was over weeks ago thankfully.

The forms from the insurance company said to list everything and I knew I didn’t have time since I was getting ready for my trip. So, I decided to take pictures of everything in my apartment so when I got time, or if it was needed for any reason, I would have documentation by photos. I am so glad I took the pictures and put them on my computer.

Hopefully, the roof will stay on my building and there will be no damage. But seeing as the path of the storm is coming over the city where I live, and we are on the dirty side of this powerful storm, and knowing the damage the wind did from Wilma who was a lesser wind storm, I am not very hopeful at this time. I know prayer works well. I am trying to just stay in the now and not project what will happen. I will know more after the storm passes and Nona can get out after seeing how her home is after the storm, and when she will be able to get to my apartment to see how it did and she will let me know.

Please send all of the people in the path of the hurricane your thoughts and prayers. Thank you very much. Unless I go to the Balloon Fiesta office with my computer, I only have my phone for Internet, and it is very limited. I will try to update my website as I am able to.

Thankfully for the eastern coast of Florida, and sadly for other parts of Florida, the storm damage was not as bad as it could have been and not like the damage from Hurricane Wilma when she hit the southeastern coast. Thanks to my friend Nona and her grandson my apartment was secured. After her family cleaned up the storm damage on her property, she brought my car back to my apartment and she let me know that there was no damage to my apartment or car. There was loss of electric and still many are without power. I am grateful the storm wasn’t as bad for us and I am still praying for all those affected by the recent storms, fires around the country, and whereverit is needed.

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