Activities in Leander, TX and Condo in FL sold

I spent the past week in Leander, Texas, visiting my friend Clark.  I got to pet the goats and horses again this year. The goats that were six days old when I was there last year are now about a year old and a little larger, but still very cute. They are not so shy about being petted anymore.  I was even able to feed some of them pellets in my hand, they actually eat very gently.  My little buddy Gusty that I grew attached to last year still remembered my voice or scent. He would come over most of the time if I called him, but when he saw me he also came over and a few times he even stood on his hind legs against the fence so I could pet him, that is if I wasn’t in the pen with him.

While in Leander, I was able to track down a friend of mine named Linda, she was also a city clerk in Texas and we were friends, but lost track of each other over the years. Last I knew she lived near Leander.  After making a few phone calls I finally found a good phone number for her and left her a message. She called back and it turns out she lives about 5 minutes from Clark. She came and picked me up on Sunday and we got to spend time together and catch up on life.

Since it’s Halloween season, and schools and churches are having events, Clark took his tractor, and six train cars made out of plastic 50 gallon drums that formed a train ride for children to a few events and I went with him. I really enjoyed seeing the children having such a great time riding the train, jumping in the bounce houses, slides, eating snow cones, playing games, etc.  Halloween night we were at a church event that was really spectacular! There were some really cute costumes.

Clark made me a special stained glass pixie/fairy, her name is Whisper.  I showed him a stained glass angel that I have in my camper that I took out of my apartment and hung in the camper. He showed me that same angel in one of his books, and while looking through the book I found a fairy that I fell in love with.  Clark told me to look through his glass collection and pick out the ones I wanted him to use for my angel.  I will take a picture and post it one day soon.

I left Leander this morning and drove to Waco where I am camped in a Corps of Engineer Park on the lake. I will be here for a couple of days and then I will go to Elm Mott to help my friends there get ready for the Thanksgiving Fair.

My condo was officially sold on October 31, 2012, so now as one of my friends told me I am home free.  She said I am not homeless, I am home free.  It’s nice to have it sold, I won’t have to be concerned about it when I am gone most of the year and my mom won’t have to go check it for me.  I think I got my address changed with everyone I can think of. I’m sure there is someone I forgot to give it to.

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