Traveling through west Texas

I left Clovis, NM this morning heading towards Fort Worth. I mostly took backroads because they are much more interesting than the Interstate. I didn’t take any pictures, but mostly what I saw today is LOTS of cotton fields. Some are growing a new crop, some were recently harvested, and some were being harvested as I drove by. I also passed some co op cotion mills. In addition, in on really large field I saw lots of tractor trailer size bales of cotton waiting to be picked up and taken to the mill. The bales were numbered and had numbers like 7451, 7452, etc.

West Texas also had lots of oil wells pumping, some were in the cotton fields. I also saw wind generator farms that went on for miles. One cotton field had oil wells and wind generators. Talk about maximizing land use. I could smell the oil as I drove past the wells. There were plenty of cattle feed lots, guess the cows are waiting to be transported to be processed for food.

I was going to spend the night in Abilene State Park tonight, but I didn’t see a sign for it. I ended up stopping a ways east in Eastland for the night.

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