Share the Journey Party

Tuesday, March 5, 2013, was my Share the Journey Party… It was really fun thanks to so many people.  The color theme was aqua, yellow, and melon green, even the balloons matched. The party room looked very festive and colorful. My friends Nona and Jim, Pam, Miriam, and my mom Florence, helped get the food, desserts and beverages on the tables.  Jessica from the American Cancer Society brought a projector so we could show a slideshow with pictures I took on my travels. I showed about 1,000 different pictures from all over America. It was a difficult decision which pictures to include in this slide show, I took approximately 16,000 pictures during my travels. Eugene was the DJ who provided great music that could be enjoyed as everyone ate, socialized, and watched the slideshow. George brought orchids and flowers that became centerpieces for the tables.  The fire department brought ice, and public works set up the tables.  Together, we all got the party ready for everyone to enjoy.


Miriam, Florence, Carol, Nona, Jessie, Pam


Carol, Eugene the DJ

On the blackboard I taped a United States map with my tentative 2013 route highlighted, thanks to Brian at AAA. It seemed to be a great conversation piece.  I got to share stories and learn about places to visit along the way, or places to ways to change my route to see points of interest.  I forgot to take a picture of the map on the blackboard, so after the party, I put the map on the ground, and held it down with my feet since it was windy outside, and took a picture.  I’m not sure you can see it very well, but here it is. IMG_8744

Many of you came to the party, which means so very much to me. I know how busy everyone’s schedules are between work, family, and outside commitments.  It really touched my heart deeply that so many people came to share the party with me. My mission was accomplished. It was for whoever was able to come to have fellowship, food, entertainment, and meet new people. I think everyone who came had a good time and that they enjoyed their time at the party. IMG_8718 IMG_8719


Wendy, Dr. Borrows, Carol

I know not everyone was able to attend the party, and I know those who were unable to were with in person were with us in spirit. I received numerous texts, emails, and phone calls all day and during the party from those who could not join come. By posting this story, and a photo album in the Photo Gallery, those of you who were unable to attend can see some of what was taking place at the party.

IMG_8723 IMG_8725 IMG_8726 IMG_8728 IMG_8731 IMG_8741Go to the party photo album for more pictures.

This party is a celebration of life. When I die I don’t want a memorial service, I told my friends to have a party and celebrate my life and friendship with all of them. I don’t want anything solemn. Everyone at this party knew my health condition, and none of us brought it up. It was a happy occasion, I was beginning another travel adventure and we were all sharing stories of places we visited, or that we want to visit. Eugene the DJ said this is one of the best parties he has been at, he loved the idea of my party.

Please know that if we know each other, we share our lives in some way, and I am truly blessed and grateful.


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