Busy in Albuquerque

I have been extremely busy helping at the Balloon Fiesta office. Mostly I am doing office work and getting packets ready for the volunteers. This year instead of getting a jacket and t-shirt we are also getting a vest and a hat. We also get passes to several parties and a gate pass. Getting all these items and many more irems for about 1,100 people is a lot of work. Sometimes it’s good when others help and sometimes it’s not, depending on how good and accurate the people are.

I’m so grateful I have electricity and dont have to run my generator to operate my lights and fridge. In a day or so I will be moving to a different parking area, I will still have electric but water will have to be brought in on a truck to fill my water tank. I like having a water hookup at my camper, I’ve been able to wash my clothes and my hair easily. It will be okay when I move, I did just fine last year getting my tank filled once or twice a week. I don’t use much water and it will only be for two weeks. It’s hard to believe next Saturday the Balloon Fiesta begins. So far I have about 150 volunteer hours.

Purple is one of my favorite colors and our jackets and shirts are purple this year. Also, it’s the 45th Balloon Fiesta which makes it extra special. There isn’t really anything to take pictures of yet. A few balloons have been flying in the morning but they are too far away to get a good picture. It’s rained the past two nights and it’s been really windy. My camper rocks and sways a bit in the wind. Both nights before dark the sun shines through the clouds and there has been a full arc rainbow over the Sandia mountain. It’s a beautiful sight. When I get wifi on my computer I will upload some sunset pictures. I a m using my tablet to write this post and I can’t upload photos from the tablet.

That’s about it for now. When I get wifi after the Balloon Fiesta begins and I get time, I will try to upload some pictures. I can no longer use Picasa because Google changed to Google Photos which is not as user friendly as Picasa do I will have to see how to create photo albums for the pictures I take.


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  1. Maggie Bossett says:

    Oh My! Carol!
    It seems like just a short while ago you were at the Balloon Fiesta and here you are again.
    Fly high.!. Thank goodness the good times outweigh the continuing window leaks and other inconveniences (like no hot shower!). When you go on an adventure that is exactly what you do!!! You are always learning and trying new things. Best of all you are making new friends! I expect/hope you and Molly will travel up to Jersey for our 50th KHS reunion, but we’ll have to schedule it other than Balloon Fiesta Time! We enjoyed the Solberg Festival so much I can’t even imagine ten times that many balloons lifting and drifting, floating and flying. It is so mesmerizingly peaceful.
    Every day gives you blessed adventures because you seek them and see them at every turn. Up, Up and Away! Maggie

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