April through June 2020

Due to the Covid-19 quarantine  I am still at home. I was hoping to leave in early April on a trip for several months but it seems that it will not be possible to take a trip for a while.

I have been home reading books online, and cooking and baking and trying new recipes. The gym that I went to discontinued their fitness classes, but last week my gym instructor Shon associated with a new gym and is doing some online fitness classes, so now I’m getting some exercise 3 days a week thankfully.  I am using my phone to update my website because I haven’t written since March. I will try to turn my computer on sometime soon and add some pictures of foods that I’ve made. I’ve been experimenting and trying new recipes including some that are a bit more challenging than my normal ones.

I hope everybody is doing well through this change in our New Normal.  The good thing is through using Zoom and WebEx I’ve been able to reconnect with friends in Texas which has been really nice. Check back in a while and hopefully I’ll have written something within a week or so.

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