Waylon Jennings Museum, Littlefield, Texas

I stopped in Littlefield, Texas, which is between Muleshoe, Texas and Lubbock, Texas. This is where country singer Waylon Jennings was born. His brother James D and his wife Helen have a drive through package goods store in Littlefield and the back room is a museum, along with a store room, as you can tell by looking at the album of pictures.

There are lots of pictures, and other sorts of items, of Waylon, his family, and friends. It was really interesting listening to James and Helen telling stories they remember when showing me pictures, and also background on some of the stories and memories they shared with me. I didn’t realize that Waylon was good friends with Buddy Holly, and that he also went to Graceland to visit Elvis a few times.

James and Helen pointed out various items like the gold record that Waylon presented to his mother, Waylon’s first guitar, a record he and Buddy Holly recorded together, and many more stories were shared.

There were several family photos. In one of them Jessi was wearing a wedding dress. James told me the story about this picture. On Waylon’s and Jessi’s 25th wedding anniversary he wanted to surprise her with something special. He picked out a wedding dress, had all of the arrangements made himself, no one helped him it seems, and he surprised her with a wedding ceremony to renew their vows. She was totally surprised!!!

It was not easy to get pictures due to the glare of the overhead lights, and the cases of soda, etc sitting all around the room.

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