Visiting friends in Fort Worth, Texas

I spent almost a week with my friend Sue and her husband Mark near Fort Worth. My friend Pat joined us for lunch a couple of times and it was great spending time with my long time friends and catching up on life and sharing stories of recent things we have been doing or have been happening in our lives.

Sue and I even made time to go to the gym three times and we were able to do some cardio exercises and even took two yoga classes which is great. My goal is to still do exercise while I am on my trip.

As we were leaving a restaurant where we had lunch we saw numerous fire trucks in the adjoining parking lot. We found out that Wendy’s restaurant had a grease fire and it spread to the roof of their restaurant. Thankfully, it looked like minimal damage and no one was injured. It was interesting watching the firefighters handle the scene and orchestrate the incident. We then went on our separate ways after giving each other hugs and saying we will miss each other but will continue to stay in touch.

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