Update June 6th

I loved living in the camper, it was the best… most of the time. When the winds blew really hard, I occasionally felt like I was in a rocking chair. When it rained I was confined most of the time in the camper, unless I was out exploring somewhere. Everything was close at hand, and cleaning was easy. There were things that took some planning, finding places or campgrounds where I could take a shower, do laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I was able to look out the window or open the back door and look at the stars and sky, and experience so many aspects of nature. Overall, it was an extraordinary experience and I would not have changed it at all.

Being in an apartment again is also nice. Having a regular size refrigerator and freezer is handy, I can take a shower whenever I want, and I have a stove and oven, in addition to my handy toaster oven. The hospital bed has come in very handy. When I lay down to read, I can bring the back of the bed up, rather than using several pillows which didn’t seem to ever be in the correct position for supporting my head and back. I am able to use one of my Pendleton blankets which brightens up the room.  I put my memory foam topper on the bed and it’s really comfortable. Where I slept in the camper was 25 inches wide, the bed is 36 inches wide, so I have more room when I sleep. I also bought several small rugs and lamps which adds color to the apartment. SAMSUNG

As for a health update, it seems that my tumor is continuing to grow and it feels like it’s getting more deeply tangled in the muscles and nerves in my left pelvic and groin area. It must also be getting more tangled with all my internal organs since the pain and discomfort is increasing throughout my abdomen and now my back. Reality reminds me of what’s to come at some point in time.  How it plays out and the timing is in God’s hands. I just have to continue to live one day at a time, or even one minute at a time. How rapidly this will progress is not in my control, other than my attitude which is still positive. I’m still at peace, but every now and then my mind or thoughts tell me that the end is not going to be too many months in the future. Sometimes my feelings are correct and at other times they aren’t. I have no idea in this circumstance. I just try to do my best every day. Life happens to everyone. Remember, we can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails.  I also know that where God guides, God provides.

Eating and drinking fluids is less appealing, and I fill up quickly when I eat anything. I did buy 2 more half gallons of Publix’s Chocolate Cherish Passion ice cream… another box of frozen waffles, and a package of Oreos. A bowl of ice cream or waffle ice cream sandwiches seem to go down pretty well and they are very tasty snacks. Chocolate Cherish Passion is black cherry ice cream with chocolate swirls and little chocolate hearts filled with a cherry center… so good!!! I am also going to make milkshakes, hopefully they will also go down easy.

Several times during the past few weeks, I have thought that perhaps I should have stayed on my travels a little longer. But then, I realize I’m right where I need to be at this point in time.  It’s challenging for me now to even drive an hour without extreme discomfort. I’ve noticed this change only in the last 3 or 4 days. My body seems to get to a plateau and stay there for a little while, maybe days or even weeks, then it changes, not usually for the better. I don’t take my pain medication when I know I’m going to drive, because it wouldn’t be a safe or responsible thing for me to do. I am also finding out that naps are getting to be necessary most days.

If the weather is good, next Thursday, June 13th is the blimp ride which I am really looking forward to. Having fun is important, and I’m trying to find things to do here to keep me busy at least part of the day. Most days, I sleep until my body wakes up, that is unless the phone rings or I get a text that chimes when it arrives. In the mornings, I do some errands, sometimes have lunch with my mom or my friends. In the afternoons, I relax on the sofa and read a book, snack, talk on the phone, and often take naps. I guess this makes up for all the years that I got up early for work, worked hard, worked late many nights, came home exhausted, and spent my weekends doing chores and errands.

I have the best friends and acquaintances. So many of you call, email, or text me to see how I am doing, find out what I’ve been up to, and to give me encouragement, words of inspiration, support, and just share our lives and experiences. It means so much to me. Thank you so much for all your love and support.

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  1. Adele Francese says:

    The Blimp ride must have been neat! Chipper says hello…… He is doing good. My greys are on three eggs. Keep your fingers crossed. It sure would be nice. I do miss all those babies! LOL. Take good care of you!!
    Love Adele

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