Update June 3, 2012

Thought I would provide an update so you know what I’ve been up to since I have been back in Florida for a little over a month.

I took a little time to get settled back into my condo since it has not sold yet. I only had furniture in here, so I took some food, pots, dishes, clothes, etc. out of the camper and will have to repack the camper again when I leave which I’m guessing will be in about another month.

I have been reading books, and needed something else to do, so I volunteer at the Florida Humane Society one or two days a week for a few hours each of the days. So far, I have learned how to answer the phone, retrieve and return voice messages, and the most fun is playing with dogs.

There are 2 dogs that I have been able to have lots of one on one time with. The first is Tank. He is a black and white Chihuahua. He was abandoned somewhere and is about 4 years old. He has one eye and it looks like one of his front paws was broken and didn’t heal straight. But he has such a BIG heart and spirit and he loves to play catch.  I hope someone adopts him and gives him a great home. I usually hold and play with Tank for an hour each time I am at the shelter.

The other dog is named Tater Tot, or LT for Little Tot or Little Tater, he is absolutely adorable and if I could have a dog, I would adopt him.  He was found abandoned and he had a broken hip which healed due to being confined to a crate at the shelter. He is a bit sketish and didn’t like being held for long periods of time and he shakes a bit. I have been holding him a lot and playing with him and I see him changing. He likes to be held now and the last time I was holding him he actually fell asleep in my arms and lap.  Now when I put him down and talk with him sometimes he will come over and jump on his hind legs and put his front legs on mine.  He even is running in little circles and is so adorable.  I usually hold and play with Tater about an hour and half whenever I am at the shelter. I have no idea what kind of dog he is and neither does anyone at the shelter. He has blonde/beige longish thin hair and he has the most adorable face. I think he will be the best pet for someone, probably a one person home where he will get lots of love.

Otherwise, I have been spending time with my mom, taking her shopping, out to eat, etc.  When I was driving back from Texas to Florida my jaw and tooth started to hurt so I went to the dentist when I got back and had my teeth cleaned and told him about my tooth and gum hurting. He took xrays and informed me that the root in a tooth under my bridge is resorbing and I would need to have it removed, etc. I went to a periodontist and was told he wanted to remove the bridge, tooth, do bone grafts, implants, etc. I could  buy a really good used car or do lots with what that would have cost, not to mention the trauma to my mouth.

I went to 3 other periodontists and the last one suggested a procedure that would not be so dramatic and traumatic and might be able to save the tooth. So, I made the appointment and he and my regular dentist scheduled a time, which was this past Thursday afternoon. They cut my gum on the lower left quadrant of my mouth, cleaned out the hole in the root of my tooth  and put in a special filling. They had to do a tissue graft and sew up that left side and the large incision in the roof of my mouth. I will have to get a root canal in that tooth in a few weeks after some of the stitching heals. Hopefully, this will work and save my tooth.  Send prayers. I have to be honest, it does hurt. I’m icing it like they said and trying not to talk much so I don’t pull the stitches. It looks like I have a golf ball in the inside of my cheek, but it should go away in a few more days.

After my mouth heals sufficiently, and I have the root canal done, I hope to leave Florida for my next adventure. I am not exactly sure when and where, I need to be back in Texas by the end of August if not sooner so I can get my heater/air conditioner switch fixed or I won’t have any heat which I will surely need when I am in New Mexico for the Balloon Fiesta and afterward.

Well, that’s about it for now, just wanted to let you know I am alive and doing okay.


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