Travelling to Albuquerque

Before leaving Waco I had the tire pressure and fluids change checked in my camper. All was okay. If not you have been reading my posts for the last few months you know about the issues I had with the upper windows leaking. I thought when I was told by the RV service place that the windows were sealed and would not leak that the problem was solved, even though I could not open those windows. We had several days of heavy rain in Waco and there was water in the inside window track which I did not think should happen if it was sealed. Before I left one of my friends put strips of gorilla tape along the bottom edge of the window where it was a few months ago while waiting to get the leak fixed. This time that did not do the trick. I drove through intermittent heavy rain on Saturday and when I stopped and checked the track there was water in it. I prayed to see what I should do. The sun was out today so I though I wouldn’t have to deal with it for a few days. Since it’s Sunday all of the RV dealers I passed were closed.

I stopped in Littlefield, Texas, today for the day, I drove almost 200 Mike’s and it was more than enough. Littlefield is the home of Waylon Jennings. I have driven by here many times without stopping. In one of my Texas camping books, in addition to a sign on the highway saying free campground, I decided to make this town my stopping point. PBS had a special on television in June with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Kris Kristofferson. I watched it several times. I loved not only the music but also the interaction between the guys. Part of the special showed a museum in Littlefield run by Waylon’s relatives. That was why I decided to make Littlefield my stopping place on the way to Albuquerque since it was on my way. This is a nice little campground with some trees for shade. It’s on the main road through town and next to an Ace Hardware store that has lots more than the usual hardware store. I had fun exploring their items.

After I got settled in the campground and explored Ace Hardware I was in the camper and thought I heard thunder. I looked outside and sure enough there were really dark clouds. I didn’t want as any water in the track but I didn’t have anything to stand on to reach the high windows to tape the sides of the window, the bottom edge was taped yesterday. I saw a man sitting at the table near my campsite and went over to ask if he had something I could stand on. It turns out he does not speak English and my Spanish is very limited, I was able to ask his name and was told it’s Fred, when I said mine is Carol he said Carolina. We were able to communicate and he had a tall bucket in his truck, and he was much taller than me and he very kindly put tape on the sides of my window. I hope this works. I had some silicone gel in a tube I was going to use but the tape was a better option today. Maybe as I travel towards Albuquerque I can find a RV repair place that can fix my windows so I can open them again. It sure would be nice. At least in safe, dry, and have delicious food to eat.

Tomorrow morning the Waylon Jennings museum opens about 10:00 a.m. so I plan on going there and taking pictures. I saw an article on it on a website I found called Roadtrippers. That website has lots of great tips and travel routes.

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