Thank You Everyone for your kind words, emails, and posts

Recently, Madrey Springs firefighters gave me the link to Fire Rescue 1 Facebook page. I am not on Facebook, and I want to read all of the comments, so one of my friends gave me the sign in info of their account. I also found out that several other fire rescue sites have added our story, and many of you that have read our story, or visited my website, have shared it with others. Thank you very much.

I don’t think any of us even imagined the story would have the life its taken on, and being on Facebook, and the number of likes, shares, and comments… WOW, thank you so much.

As I read and reread every comment, I am grateful that we made the decision to make this public. This has been a private part of my life, but after talking with several chiefs and close friends, I feel that if at least one department is helped, and the public is aware of fire departments needs, it is worth it. Thanks to Fire-Dex and Ten 8 for working with to purchase bunker gear and other items for many departments.

Thank you everyone for your kind, heartfelt words and prayers. They mean so much to me and touch deep in my heart. I appreciate you making time in your busy lives to write your words of thanks, prayers, etc.

If you post a comment under any of my stories, or use the contact tab, I will be able to read your post.   And, thanks to my friend, I am able to read all the comments on the Fire Rescue 1 Facebook page.

My sincere appreciation is sent to all of you firefighters, and your families, for your dedication and caring, and for sacrificing your time to help others.


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4 Responses to Thank You Everyone for your kind words, emails, and posts

  1. Jeffrey Greatsinger says:

    Personally I understand how those firefighters feel that you have helped. I have belonged to a small Volunteer Fire Dept. in Millerton, Pa. and there had been times we had to do coin card drives and seek other means of funding to get through the fall and winter months. When our budget money had run out. One particular year, I believe it was 1987 we had financial trouble and either bought fuel for the trucks or paid the utilities. To end a long story,between donations from the public and a raffle we were able to muddle through until we got our tax money in February.
    At any rate the reason I wrote this is so you understand that those that you have helped certainly appreciate beyond their expressions of gratitude what you have done. It is a true boost to them to receive monetary gifts that allow them to purchase equipment that is essential in providing the basic services that volunteer firefighters provide. As first responders who volunteer our time to be the first to arrive at emergencies ranging from structure fires ,motor vehicle accidents, EMS calls and hazardous materials incidents is what we do.
    Please understand that I felt absolutely compelled to post my thoughts, because I’ve been there! May God bless you with more time to enjoy life and continue with what you are doing to help God’s helpers in areas where finances run thin. Carry on Carol !

  2. Debra says:

    Hi Carol,
    I don’t know how to send you a private note. Just read about your wonderful gifting. I’d like to pass on some information to you, that may very well help your condition.
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  3. William Francis says:

    Ms. Carol,

    Your a beautiful person. May God bless you. Thanks

  4. Edward says:

    Wow Carol! Simply amazing! Your legacy will live on forever.

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