South Bay RV Park, FL

After leaving Arnolds Wildlife Center, I drove to the southern tip of Lake Okeechobee and decided to camp at South Bay RV Park which is operated by Palm Beach County. I see several campers that were at Ortona South Corps of Engineer Park, it’s almost like a camping reunion.  IMG_8555

On December 30th, I drove the entire distance around Lake Okeechobee, it took several hours, but it was a nice drive, I’m guessing it’s about 120-140 miles around the lake.  Stopping at Arnolds Wildlife Center was the highlight of the trip.  Today is New Year’s Eve and a group of campers is having a party and invited everyone in the campground. It should be interesting to go.

I will be here for a week, then back to Deerfield Beach for a week or so, then on to another campground. I am guessing I will go to Manatee Hammock in Titusville. I really like that county park. It’s on the Indian River Lagoon and the campground has lots of tall trees, and LOTS of squirrels.  I bought a 5 pound bag of unsalted, unshelled peanuts to feed them.

As I usually do, I took pictures of this campground, and I walked up the hill to the canals of Lake Okeechobee to take pictures. Check out the photo album. This campground is really beautiful, well maintained, and only about 2 hours from Deerfield Beach. IMG_8569IMG_8558 IMG_8566


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