Relaxing at the Beach

I picked my friend Vanessa up at the airport Saturday morning and after stopping for breakfast we checked in to The Elizabeth House Inn about a half block from the ocean in Deerfield Beach. This is the same place I stayed about 2 weeks ago. We are in a room a little larger than the other one I have, this one has a nice sized kitchen, and even a small washing machine and dryer.

We have been relaxing, catching up on life, walking at the beach, reading books, eating of course, and taking naps when needed. It’s been nice having this time together. Vanessa has a flight home to Maryland early on Wednesday morning. After that I will go back to my camper again.  Not much to write about now, and the pictures I would take are the same ones I posted a few weeks ago, so there are no new pictures either. In case I didn’t post the photos of the beach, here they are again.

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Vanessa and I went out exploring the area, and also had dinner with some mutual friends.  We really had a great 4 days together. It was nice catching up with our lives. We talk often, but it was great to talk face to face.

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