Packing for My Trip

This weekend I started packing the camper for my trip.  I am trying my best to pack wisely and not take too much. I always tend to take too much “stuff” on my trips. This trip is going to be different, instead of a 10 -14 day trip, this is going to be an appromiately 5 month long journey. Therefore, I need to pack differently. I’m trying to be conservative with what I’m taking but it is definately a challenge!

So far, I have packed my inflatable kayak, screen tent, hammock, and my folding bike goes in the narrow aisle in the center.  As for my bike, I have learned to wrap a towel around the foot pedal so that I don’t continually bang my shin or ankle on it when I walk by since the aisle is less than 2 feet wide.  

I’ve been creative finding ways to pack using clean plastic containers of various sizes since they hold more than just filling the cabinets, and there will be less chance of things falling on me when I open cabinet doors.  It will be interesting trying to remember which containers I put things in when I need them.  I also bought some of those space saver plastic bags to squeeze the air out of in order to take more clothes.  I know there will be some cold weather so long johns, scarves, hats, turtlenecks, and a warm jacket need to be packed.

I had a wonderful unexpected surprise on Saturday. I called a friend of mine to tell him I am retiring and going on an extended trip the end of June.  He invited me to lunch and he picked me up on his motorcycle… what a great experience.  We rode up AIA along the ocean to a city about 20 minutes north of where I live. The water was an amazing turquoise color and it was a really nice ride. Yes, I did wear a helmet!  The sun was shining  brightly on the ride and even though I had sunscreen on my arms, I could see them turning red. Thankfully, on the way back there was cloud cover and the temperature was perfect for the ride home.  It was a nice break from packing and a great way to catch up with a friend.

I am still converting some of my old records from the 1960s and 1970s to digital format on my laptop, along with some oldies music CDs I borrowed from a friend. I have already copied many audio books on my laptop. Since I won’t have a TV on my trip, I will be listening to the sounds of nature, and also whatever music and books are on my computer.  Listening to the oldies music while the music copies is really great.

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  1. Vanessa A. Wilhelm says:

    You go girl! So excited for you!!

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