Kinnelon High School Class of 1968

Class of 1968, you are so amazing… Congratulations on having a 45th class reunion. I wish I was able to be with all of you. I am there in spirit, even though I couldn’t be in person.

I want to let all of you know how much I appreciate the cards and emails you sent to me. It has really deeply touched my heart that you bought and mailed such beautiful cards with words that I know you picked especially for me, or you expressed your sentiments in an email.  You also wrote personal notes which made receiving a card or email from you extra special. Some of you shared your story with me. We haven’t been in touch for 45 years and yet you still chose to let me know I am in your thoughts and prayers, and how my story has touched your life.

One of our thoughtful classmates sent me a picture of our senior class trip to Washington, D.C.  Looking at the picture, I don’t remember everyone’s name, but I can identify a majority of you. I do remember many of you from school. We were the first class to go through all six grades together in that school. I remember being in study hall in the auditorium when President Kennedy was killed. And when Olympian Jesse Owens spoke to us, I remember during his talk it was so quiet in the auditorium, no one made a sound. We were all mesmerized by his story. On our school bus, I remember when the Beatles became popular and we talked about them. Someone reminded me how we used to wonder how we would be when we turned 50, which seemed like such a long way off, now we are past that age by several years.

High school memories… I have lots of them. Do you remember the donkey basketball games? Those were pretty funny, especially when the teachers were riding or trying to lead the donkeys. I remember the Left Banke band playing a concert for us when their song Walk Away Renee was popular. I was on the stage crew which was a fun thing to be involved with, especially during the school plays. Our school got to perform part of our school play South Pacific at the New York World’s Fair. Do you remember Scott Allen winning an Olympic Bronze Medal for skating in the 1964 Winter Olympics? We were so proud of him. Remember eating ice cream in those paper cones we could buy at lunch? My favorite flavor was mint chip. I wasn’t very good at sports, except maybe gymnastics and soccer. I didn’t like baseball with a ball coming at me fast. I think a few reasons I was picked almost last on teams was because I was not good at sports and I was one of the shortest in the class. Basketball was also not my game, I’m not sure I ever made a basket. I really didn’t like gym class very much. I did love being in the choir. And, I’m sure we all remember our mandatory square dancing classes, not to mention the ugly one piece green gym uniforms the girls had to wear… yuck!

Earth Science was one of my favorite classes, especially when we went on field trips to look for fossils and geodes. Biology was not one of my favorites, especially when we had to dissect  a frog. I think I would enjoy school more now than I did when I was much younger. I might not even dread homework and book reports as much since I like to read now. When I was camping and not traveling, I would read a book a day. Now, I try to read a few a week.

I wish we had each others contact information prior to 2011 when I took a trip around the United States. I would have been able to visit several of you when I was in those states. Looking at addresses on the cards I received, I was not too far from several of you the past few years. I spent about 3 months a year in Texas during 2011 and 2012. I have a piece of undeveloped property in rural Tennessee and I used to go up that way every year, so I drove through several southern states. I’m guessing that it was not meant to be any different than it is. Now is the perfect time to reconnect. If anyone is interested in buying almost 6 acres of undeveloped land on top of a mountain in Tennessee let me know. It’s NW of Chattanooga and SE of Nashville. It’s totally wooded and it’s located about 7 miles from the county seat.

Maggie has my email address and phone number. If any of you want to call or send me an email ask her for my contact information.

Again, thanks to everyone that has contacted me, or to those that will be contacting me thank you in advance. Your kindness has really touched my heart and it means more to me than words can express.

May your path through life continue to be blessed.

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  1. Cathy Hacker says:

    Hi Carol – Kenny & I enjoyed reading your “Kinnelon High School Class of 1968” writing. Kenny’s sister, Pam, and her husband own property in Jonesborough, Tennessee. He’s down there (they own a small apt. complex, as well as a private home on several acres), but Pam is still here in Clifton, N.J. getting their house in order to sell it. What is it like in that state ?? Just curious. Maybe we’ll get down there for a visit some day.

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