Keepers Days, Lighthouse Point, Florida

Keepers Day weekend was held again in Lighthouse Point and one of the Keepers that was recognized is police officer Paul McCormick. Paul is an amazing man and police officer. He has a great smile and laugh and is always concerned about residents, especially those in need. He goes above and beyond to help our residents. I have known Paul for many years and I think very highly of him.

Saturday morning was the parade and also there was an antique car show, and the new soldier and hero memorial shrine was completed and is located in a corner of McDonough Park. There are many pavers around the memorial engraved with the names and branches of service of Lighthouse Point residents both current and those who have passed. Also, there are benches located in the memorial park and each bench has an engraved plaque with a different branch of the military as well as recognizing the LHP police and fire departments.

A Photo album has been posted including pictures I took of the parade, car show, and the hero memorial. This year was the first year of the 5K run held in conjunction with Keepers Day so we weren’t sure about the parking that would be available. One of my friends and I got there early and were able to easily get a parking space and a good shady spot to watch the parade. I love listening to and watching the bagpipe players. Their music really touches my heart.

It was nice to get some fresh air and one again attend this event.

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