Home Again… Grateful I was able to complete another extraordinary trip

I arrived back home on Monday, November 16th, after being on the road since July 10th. It was a wonderful expedition and I am so grateful I was able to take another trip including attending the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. I traveled from south Florida to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I looked at routes on the map as I traveled so that I could drive on some back roads and highways that I had not driven on during previous trips. This made my journey more interesting and I got to experience new campgrounds, scenery, and places to stop at and explore and take pictures.

Now that I am home again and have Internet connection, I will begin to write the stories I have not written since early October. I have several stories to write including my time at the Balloon Fiesta. As I am able to find time to write, I will work on my last several stories so check back occasionally to see if I have updated my posts. I have posted all of the pictures I have taken along the way, including the flute festival last weekend.

I traveled 5,000 miles on my trip, you can see my route on the 2015 Travel Map tab on the top of my webpage. Thanks for your prayers, they are appreciated. I had some good days, and some physically challenging days. I am grateful for each one. I will update this post as well as previous ones as I get time and energy. Thankfully one of my friends and her grandson met me when I got home and they carried the clothes, food, and other items I had in the camper upstairs into my apartment which saved me many, many trips up and down stairs. I am so grateful to them for their help.

I have some things that need to be fixed on the camper and I’m hoping to have those done soon.

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4 Responses to Home Again… Grateful I was able to complete another extraordinary trip

  1. maggie bossett says:

    ~so happy you are safe and savoring all the wonder and love you experienced during your 5000 mile adventure. Thank you for sharing your discoveries and ponderings. They encourage others to search and do the same. Many are giving thanks this holiday for your generous dedication to the volunteer fire departments. “Thanksgiving, is, after all, a word of action.” Blessings, Maggie

  2. maggie bossett says:

    I just had some time to watch your flute festival photos and video. Wow. I think you have many friends among that group. I love the photos of you! You look fabulous!

  3. Patty says:

    So thrilled to hear about your exploits!! Many of us are living vicariously through your awesome adventures! You truly are an inspiration to many. Wishing you well always.

  4. MARIE CULBERT says:

    Hi Carol. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and praying for you always. Keep us posted. Great reading your adventures.

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