Health Update

June 26, 2011

Hi, I’m guessing that some of you want to know how I am doing physically since I have not mentioned it in other posts. I’m doing pretty good. I’ve been catching up on sleep at night and awake at 5 a.m. when it gets light.

I still hurt inside, some days more than other days. Some of the highways and roads have been bumpy and that doesn’t help much. I am determined to complete this trip and have fun along the way. When I need to stop and rest I do. Doing the cave tours was okay because the ranger went at a slow pace for everyone and we stopped frequently to look at the crystals and formations.

Mt. Rushmore and Bear Butte were more difficult due to all the steps, both cement and dirt. I took my time and stopped when needed.  I am hoping that as I do more then my body will adjust and perhaps find a comfortable place.  I have been noticing the last month or so that I don’t eat as much at a time, so I have been eating smaller portions.

Don’t worry about me, I am in God’s hands and so far so good.

Additional Post:

Please read the story on that I wrote on December 25, 2013, that I added a portion of backdated to June 21, 2011, regarding my health at the time I began my trips. I didn’t write about it at that time because I didn’t want friends to be concerned as they would be if they knew the extent of what I was experiencing. Only a few knew the entire situation.

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