Grand Teton Day 2

June 30, 2011

I left my upper windows open last night, and to my surprise, it was quiet outside. No wind, birds, insect sounds, etc. just stillness.  It was nice to wake up at 8 a.m. to it being 70 degrees in my camper, as opposed to 57 and 47 the last 2 days in Yellowstone.

Photo album of Grand Teton National Park

Today I thought I would take a short drive and see if I could see the 450 pound mama grizzly bear with 3 cubs that have been the talk of the park. I went to one area and saw some elk, but they were too far away to show in a picture.  I drove a little further south and stopped on the side of the road where I had some cell  phone reception to make a couple of phone calls. While talking with a friend, a moose ran across the road, I grabbed my camera quickly and was able to get this picture before it ran into the woods. I’ve learned to keep my camera in my lap for quick photos.

Moose in Grand Teton

I then drove north back towards my campground and I saw some cars stopped up ahead. I was hoping it was the bear and cubs, and sure enough, it was.  What a rare treat to see this.  The sun was behind me so I couldn’t see the screen on the camera and I was looking through the viewfinder, which I now know is not the same thing.  I got a few photos of the mama and cubs, but not as many as I thought. I did get some video of them which I will try and post on Picasa photos.  Cars stopped all over the road and people set up tripods, etc. to get the pictures of the Grizzly bear and cubs. It was so cute watching her and the cubs running and playing. I posted 3 videos of the bears on the Photo Gallery Page of Picasa.

The wildflowers are such vibrant yellows and purples and they really are a nice contrast to the greens in the fields.

Grizzly mom and cubs 

The rest of today I am just going to relax and maybe walk down to the lake, read a book and just absorb the atmosphere of Grand Teton.  Tomorrow I leave here and drive through Idaho stopping at a national monument, and then on to Crater Lake, OR.
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3 Responses to Grand Teton Day 2

  1. Sue Boysen says:

    What great animal encounters! Isn’t this an awesome planet with such variety of creatures? I am so happy you are on this adventure.

  2. Mike Cirullo says:

    Got your text and enjoyed the update and photos. Time flies, or you’re a lead foot! Hope you are getting everything out of this trip you hope for. Certainly some beautiful places. Enjoy a safe and Happy 4th.

  3. Nona says:

    I just got around to checking out your journal entries and photos – It’s awesome! I love reading all about what you’re doing, where you’ve been, what you’re seeing, . . . and seeing the photos. You are so gutsy but please be careful to pace yourself. I’ll be checking every couple of days now.

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