Chambers Farm Fall Pow Wow

Carol with Albert Gray Eagle

Carol with Albert Gray Eagle

This past Thanksgiving weekend, Carol dusted off and packed up her trusty camper Molly and made the 330 mile trek up to the Chambers Farm Pow Wow. In spite of her worsening condition and near freezing temperatures, she continues to defy all odds and joyfully experience the precious days that remain.

My husband Jeff and I joined her for this wonderful and unforgettable adventure. What a blessing it was to finally meet Albert Gray Eagle in person, a gentle and loving man who has bravely fought and overcome his own life’s battles.

Carol decided to extend her stay a few days, but has asked me to post a quick note here since she has limited Internet and intermittent phone service so that you would not be concerned if you have tried to reach her. She will post her updates of this latest adventure when she returns later this week.

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  1. Hi Carol, Hope all is well with you. I wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas and to tell you I’m mailing your Long County Calendar this week, and your space is on January. Again, thanks for all you’ve done for so many of us! Love, Cathy

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