Albuquerque Sunsets, stormy skies, and 100,000 miles on camper

As I was going through eastern New Mexico my camper Molly reached 100,000 miles on her odometer. When I bought her in November 2005 she had 25,000 miles which wasn’t very many miles for her being seven years old. We have traveled a lot of miles together the past 11 years and hope to have many more miles to travel. There have been many adventures and experiences we have been through together, lots of up and down steep mountains, long stretches of road where we enjoyed the scenery and seldom saw any other vehicles or structures, and sometimes drove through heavy rainstorms. I have enjoyed the travels and it is something I have wanted to do since I was in my early 20’s. My dream became a reality, and the adventures continue.

Even when repairs were needed, I was in places where they could be fairly easily. It was not always convenient like my transmission went out in rural Mississippi in July and I had to be towed twice and wait a week for a new transmission. I was able to be plugged into electricity at the repair shop and at one of the two mechanics I was at there was a grocery store across the street. It all worked out well and I was in a safe place. Once again, God took excellent care of me.

Arriving in Albuquerque with about 100,290 miles, I am staying in one of the Fiesta RV parking areas and I am working in the Balloon Fiesta office during the day.

God has been creating amazing, spectacular, and unusual sunsets, and stormy skies. To the east is the Sandia mountain range. Sandia I was told means watermelon and when the sun shines on the mountain in the late afternoon, often the mountain turns to a light pink color like a watermelon. Other than the mountain in the east, the terrain is flat. So when it’s stormy and raining I can see the rain coming down from the clouds all around and I can see it moving towards me. Some days the afternoons bring heavy winds and all of our campers feel like being in a rocking chair. Even the people in the large motor homes feel the wind rocking their campers. In stories I have written while at Fiesta in previous years I included pictures of various shots of the mountains during sunset and the stormy skies. You can search Balloon Fiesta to see pictures and stories from the other five years I have been here.

Albuquerque has the most amazing sunsets and stormy skies. There have been several days recently that in the afternoon the sky gets stormy, the winds pick up, and there is rain all around us. A few days we got rain where we were. Some days the clouds are down over the top of the mountain range, this morning, there were clouds also at the bottom of the mountain. It was really cool to look at. The elevation here is about 5,200 feet.

Here are a few pictures I took of the sky during the different weather events this past week. God creates the most spectacular scenery, almost no two days are the same. The colors and designs of the clouds and sky are beyond spectacular and even beyond what I could imagine most days. Also, how the sky and clouds can change in a day, and sometimes in less than an hour. I added additional sunset and stormy sky pictures to the Balloon Fiesta album of days 5-9.



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