Albuquerque, NM

September 16, 2011

I left Lake Cochiti about 8:30 a.m. and then drove towards Albuquerque.  I stopped to get gas and there were some roadside vendors in the parking lot next to the gas station. They were selling tamales, jewelry, bread, etc.  I asked one of the vendors if the tamales were spicy. She said no, that she made them this morning and they were still hot. I bought 4 thinking it would be good for a few meals.  It was good, however it was VERY spicy and hot.  It really burned my mouth.  Later in the day, I found someone that would love them and I gave the other tamales to someone who would really enjoy them.

I drove past some beautiful mountain ranges, some were burnt, others not.  I got to Albuquerque and by just driving around, I found things I needed like a grocery store, Walmart, and a propane dealer to fill my tank. None of this was planned, I just drove down a highway and it worked out.

On my map I saw Petroglyph National Monument so I thought I would try to find it.  The signs for this National Park were not good. I was driving down a highway, then had to turn and saw no directional sign for the park, so I just guessed and thought this can’t be right and there was no way to turn around for miles and miles.  All of a sudden, there was another sign. I drove and without going into all the details I finally found it. I found the visitor center which is about 2 miles from the site where the park is located.  I got to the park and walked the two short trails to see some petroglyphs which were visible in the rocks which looked like piles of boulders coming down the mountain. Here is a link to photos of the petroglyphs.

After looking at the petroglyphs, I drove into a different part of Albuquerque and stopped to eat a sandwich for dinner, and some of the one spicy tamale I had left. I found a meeting and then found a Walmart to park at for the night since it was only a few miles away and others camped there from what I heard. It’s now getting dark earlier. It was dark by 7:30 p.m. so I was glad to find a place to park for the night.

I got up this morning and was going into Walmart for a few things, and when I got out of the camper there were 3 hot air balloons floating over Walmart so I grabbed my camera quickly.  I came back and made a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast.  I tried my phone to see if I could get Internet access and I was able to in the parking lot without going into McDonalds at the other side of the parking lot. So, I connected the PDA Net on my phone and tethered it to my computer, and now I am able to run my generator and update my webpage.  Technology is great… especially when it’s working.

I’m not able to upload photos into this blog, but I made a photo album for it and uploaded the pictures I took.


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