Homestead Heritage Fair

The Homestead Heritage Thanksgiving Fair is now over. The weather was really nice for the three days, even though a bit windy. Getting ready for the fair is such a busy time for everyone here. All the work and things done for the fair are well worth the effort when we see the visitors enjoying themselves. Photos of the Fair.

There are so many things to do during the fair, from watching horse training, seminars, holding baby chicks and bunnies, and walking around the grounds to see all the exhibits and crafts for sale.

I’ve made so many friends being here over the years and it really feels like home here for me. I’ve also learned so much by helping to do things like make spiced pecans, cheese, etc.

If you are anywhere near Waco, please stop by Homestead Heritage and visit this amazing community. Several of my friends from the Fort Worth area came here on Saturday of the fair and they really enjoyed themselves.

So you can see what it’s like here, I took lots of pictures early on Friday the first day of the fair and posted the pictures in a new photo album.




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