Crowley, Texas, Soldier Memorial at the Library

Most of the time I don’t have my camera with me when I am doing errands or going places with friends so I take pictures with my phone and email them from my phone to my computer, then I copy them into the picture folder on my computer.

Since I have Wifi today at the office I was going through my emails for the past month and looking for the pictures I sent that were not uploaded to my computer. I found several including the drive to Gallup in the previous story, but I also found pictures I took in early August when I was staying with my friends near Fort Worth. At the Crowley Library there is a Soldier Memorial Park which I found to be very heart touching. I took pictures of the entire park and all of the granite slabs with the different branches of the military. I tried to get pictures where the wording on each slab shows. The words for each branch of the military and also the words near the center of the memorial really touched my heart. I hope you are able to read them. I didn’t enter the date when I was there because it would move this story down the page on my website and I didn’t want those of you who read my stories to miss this one. If it were several stories down, it may be missed and I thought this is an important one to read and remember and thank the soldiers who have served our country so we could continue to have the freedom we cherish.

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