Camping at Lake Okeechobee, FL Ortona South Campground

IMG_8334I decided to go camping for a week and headed towards Lake Okeechobee just north of Palm Beach County. I have not camped near here before and saw in my camping books that there are several campgrounds in cities surrounding Lake Okeechobee. There is also a Corps of Engineer campground and I really like staying in them when I can. Photo Album

There was a county campground in South Bay. It was a nice campground, but I kept driving and went through Clewiston. This area of the state is known for growing sugar cane and sugar crops.  I arrived at Ortona South Campground at the Corps of Engineer park and they only had a couple of spaces available. One happened to be parallel to the waterway and it is a walk up site so I took it. I can stay here for up to 14 days, but I will be here probably only 7.  I like the walk up, non-reservable sites because I can stay for a few days and decide daily if I want to stay longer. IMG_8357

IMG_8352After getting my camper set up, I walked around the park and took pictures which I posted in a new album. This park has locks so large boats and yachts can go through the waterway. The lock closest to the campground side is closed and the view of the other side is blocked by a slender island between the two locks, so I can see boats going by, but not watching the locks operate.  It’s really beautiful here. When I sat on the dock, I could hear the water from the stream under the nearby bridge. The weather is windy and cool and it really feels good after the hot, humid weather two hours south in Deerfield Beach. IMG_8369 IMG_8371





Its very peaceful at this campground. I saw an American Eagle on a tree top off in the distance, and there is a family of otters that can sometimes be seen. They seem to be hard to find and they are very fast so it’s not always easy to get pictures. I did see them one day and got several photos including some of I’m guessing the father otter getting a fish off a hook on the rocks.

I posted more pictures in my photo album for Ortona Lock at Lake Okeechobee.


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  1. Marilyn McCarnes says:

    Hi Carol, we are the 3 ladies you met at Cochita Corp park in 2011 just before Balloon Fiesta. When I saw you are at Lake Okeechobee I got very excited because one of my favorite camps was on Torry Island near Belle Glade. I made some very good friends there …. if you get a chance, look up Lynne and Merv Giesmann and Larry and Louise Johnson. They have been wintering there for many years and will welcome you with open arms.

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