Airabelle the Creamland Dairy Cow Balloon

It was very windy on Tuesday, however, several balloons flew. It was tough landing as you will see from the photo below. Creamland Dairy has a wonderful balloon named Airabelle.

She inflates and flys pretty often and she is an amazing site. The other day, she really surprised people when her balloon came down fast on a highway and the balloon deflated, except for her head which stood above the vehicles on the roadway. Traffic was stopped in both directions until her balloon crew could get her packed up and put back into their vehicle.

Last year while I was on my balloon ride, I took a picture of her in the sky, just hanging out floating in the sky. I am posting that picture along with the one of her on the road. I hear this picture and story made national news.

Airabelle landing on the road

Airabelle floating in the sky




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