Air Conditioner Installed

My new air conditioner/heat pump arrived the other day and Chris installed it one evening. It took him three hours. I now have air conditioning and heat. It’s installed on the roof of my van and it took the place of one of my two roof vents. It works well, but I am going to have to get used to it. The old unit would switch off when it reached the desired temperature and would kick on when it needed to operate for the temperature. This new unit has a low, medium, and high setting for the fan for both the heat and air, and a dial for colder and warmer. However, since this is a small van, and it’s a powerful 13,500 BTU unit mounted in the roof it is very loud, even on the lowest fan setting. The fan for both heat and air runs continuously when either the heat or air operates. The fan noise blocks out whatever noises are outside which could be a good thing when people camped nearby are loud, or I am parked near a busy street. I’m sure I will get used to it. Also, I don’t need or use the AC or heat all the time.  The unit also operates on both electric and off of my generator so it will work when I am not plugged into electricity.

I am very thankful to have some air conditioning, it was very uncomfortable in my camper van when the temperatures were in the 90s and low 100s.

We have had several days of cooler weather and much needed rain here in Texas. However, as a result, and it happened at a good time since I am in Elm Mott at my friends, I noticed on Saturday morning that the throw rug and carpet near my back door was slightly wet. I checked under my sink and the carpet there was also wet. I emptied the cabinet and tried to find the leak and couldn’t. Shahar came and looked as well and we marked my water tank thinking that could be the leak. I didn’t think it was since I didn’t see the water level going down much except by what I used in the faucet and toilet.

About 3 a.m. when I was awake I got a flashlight and saw some water running down a pipe from the roof area. I told Shahar the next morning and we covered that area of the roof with a plastic tarp since it was still raining. I think the leak is coming from somewhere on the roof above my little kitchen since the water stopped coming down the pipe a little while after we covered the roof area. It still drizzled today, which is Monday, September 18th. Hopefully, the rain will stop today and the sun will shine tomorrow. After the roof dries, we will be able to look for the leak and caulk it. I’m glad it happened here where I could get it fixed fairly easily.

Brian one of the people that helps Shahar is going to close the opening on the outside of my camper van where the old AC unit was so I can use it as an extra cabinet space.

I already have a RV spot reserved for when I come back here most probably the beginning of November when I will once again help get ready for the Thanksgiving fair.

I am leaving Texas on Friday, September 21st, and heading to Albuquerque, NM for the Balloon Fiesta.

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